Bankitwangi Organic White Tea (30g)


Delightful gentle peachy taste with bright aroma of almond blossoming flowers.

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest tea producing countries, with huge tea cultivation areas. The main areas for tea production are West Java, (which accounts for nearly 70% of Indonesia’s national tea production), Central Java, and North Sumatra.

These large plantations are usually run by state-owned enterprises, with a majority of production being CTC (crushing, tearing, curling) tea. Indonesian tea is especially fullbodied, well-regarded, and often used in blends. Local Indonesians normally serve their tea in a clay teapot with a set of small complementary clay cups and saucers. Rock sugar is served alongside.

Indonesia produces a wide variety of teas including organic delicate silver needle,oolong ,jasmine tea and vibrant imperial black tea.

Sourced by Australian Tea Masters

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Sharyn Johnston
CEO Australian Tea Masters