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If you would like to get in touch with us, You can message us here.We’re here to help with anything you have in mind about Coffee & Tea. 

Our philosophy is to think out of box push the boundaries of service quality and traceability in everyway possible. Passionate/ Training Education / Professionalism / Communication / Delivery. We are a specialty Roaster and Tea supplier whose purpose is to source the finest coffees this world has to offer.

We are a specialty coffee roaster that is dedicated to providing Australian’s with the highest quality coffees in the world. Specialty coffee is defined as coffee, from a known geographic origin, that has a value premium above commercial grade coffee due to its high quality in the cup and to particular attributes that it possesses.

Cartel Roasters Brew Bar
1-80 Little malop St
Geelong 3220

Mob: 0407141277
Ph. 0352214757
ABN 54135562855

Cartel Coffee Roasters
6/21 Leather St
Breakwater 3219

Ph. 0352214757
ABN 54135562855

Head of operations: 0499900989

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