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Contract & Private Label Roasting

We can help you customise a blend tailored to your cafe, restaurant or bar. 

We have 20 years experience of sourcing high end coffee & roasting. All coffees are traceable to a producer, and are specialty grade. Our approach since day 1 has been to work as closely with farmers, washing stations and exporters, following your coffee from when it’s planted, all the way to when you serve it to a customer. We can get coffee from all over the world, but have specialised in several origins. 

We have the selections to help build your blend or single origins

Ethiopian Coffees

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee since Kaldi saw his jumping goats in 850 AD. As such they have refined their picking and processing to levels similar to Burgundian Wines. Ethiopia specialises in Natural Processed Coffees, meaning bigger bodies, milk chocolate, and red fruits. Our extensive work down there gives us exclusive access to amazing coffees at very reasonable prices. Further to that, we have exclusive access to some Gesha Village lots before they become readily available.

Indian Coffees

We are Now on our 7th year of working with Indian Coffee farmers Riverdale Estate. It’s a 100 year old coffee farm that since working together, has produced the highest scoring and highest selling coffee in India. Working with them gives you the chance to have some direct influence on how your coffee is grown and processed. This farm helps us produce some amazingly vibrant fermenty coffees, akin to dry wines and sour beers. If you have a specific flavour profile request, we can work directly with them to help you get exactly what you want.

Colombian Coffees

Our Colombian coffees are second to none. We have almost a decade of experience working with the great people at La Palma El Tucan, giving us access to very well processed Typica, Castillo, Caturra and/or Gesha. Whether you need a more chocolate based blender, a fruit bomb to surprise your customers, or something very complex, we can help through the Delagua Coffee Project, Neighbours and Crops, as well La Palma themselves. We also work closely with Carlos from Cofinet who runs a series of farms with some exceptional growing and processing. 

Central & South American

Some of our Newest Projects are in Central and South America. Last year we brought over some of the most sustainably sourced Honduran coffee in Australia. Paying well above market rate, especially after a leaf rust crisis devastated a lot of Honduran Crop. Honduran coffees make a great specialty alternative to an Italian style coffee, as well as new plantings of Paranemia offer a great intro to specialty coffee, with gesha like flavour at a much better price tag.

Mexican Coffees

We will also be bringing coffee over from Mayan Harvest, and Finca Chelin in Mexico. Mayan Harvest is a collective of farmers that are committed to raising the bar in Mexican coffee production, and we are looking forward to doing Riverdale Estate-like projects with them. Meanwhile, Enrique at Finca Chelin has been on the forefront of coffee production and farming for the past decade, and we are exclusively bringing him into Australia. Look for exotic varietals, hydro washed processing, carbonic maceration, and well controlled drying in his coffees.

Kenyan, Indonesian and Panamanian Coffees

Finally, we also bring over some amazing Kenyan, Indonesian and Panamanian Coffees. If Ethiopia is the Burgundy of Coffee, then Kenya is Beaujolais, and Indonesia is Chianti. Kenya is known for its 72 hour washed processed coffee. Yielding amazing consistency year in and out with dark chocolate notes, blackberries, lemon, lime and apricot. Our Sumatran coffees boast the famed Wet Hulled Process, giving you some added chocolate and spice potential to your blends and singles. Finally in Panama, we have some great coffee from the Hartmann Estate. 

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, if there is a coffee
you are interested in, we can likely find it or match it.

We can help you with your blending, as well as packaging needs, whether it’s plain packed or with your logo. Our expert roasters and baristas can take you through the green bean selection process, roasting, cupping & brewing with you.


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