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Artisan, handmade chai
made fresh in Geelong, Australia

By Australian Tea Masters

Chaiisactuallythe Hindiword for tea that comesfrom the Chinese word for tea, which is “cha”.Chaiistypicallya blend ofblacktea and spices, but there are many variationsaround the world.What hascome to be known aschai in the western world is actuallywhat Indians refer to as masala chai or“spiced tea” in Hindi.Today chai is popular worldwide and each country–even each region within acountry–has its own recipe. The spices vary, the tea varies and even how chai is prepared varies

We hand blend all of our chaisin Australia with single origin teas sourced directly from growers in SriLanka and China, and locally grown organic spices and honey that’s used in our Sticky Chai.

Most of our teas can be prepared by steeping 3 grams of tea in 250mls of water at 100C for 4 minutes.Milk and sweetener can be added after, if desired. A lower water temperature of 90C should be used when brewing Green Chai and White Chai. How chai is prepared varies around the world.

Some boil tea, spices and milk together, while others briefly steep the tea leaves and spices in hot water, then add hot milk and sweetener last. We’ve made it easy for you by creating our Dragon Chai range that has the best ingredients together already.

To create what we knowin Australiaas a chai latte or isalso known a smasala chai in India(its placeof origin), all you have to do is:

1. Measure 4 tsp of Dragon Chai with 1.5 cups of water into a pot and bring to a boil

2. Allow the tea to simmer for 5 minutes

3.Add one cup of soy, almond or cow’s milk andheat for 2 minutes

4.Taste and allow to simmer for longer (if necessary) until you achieve the desired flavour

5.Strain, add 1 tsp of honey and stir until completely dissolved.

The Dragon Chai product range appeals to both traditional chai lovers and health-conscious tea drinkers looking to enjoy a caffeine free beverage with chai flavours. Our blenders are trained and certified by the Australian Tea Masters to create high quality and consistent blends that taste and smell the same every time you brew them. Our chai bases are made from high quality, single origin teas sourced directly from growers and blended with Australian grown spices.And our herbal blends deliver chai flavours and aromas without the caffeine by using unique ingredients like honey bush or dandelion root for the base with typical chai spices in a well balanced blend.


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