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Gesha Village 2020 Oma Lot 59 Natural

Ok Cool kids. You don’t process over 100 lots without getting to about the halfway point without getting better at this. This one is alive with those florals, bergamot, honey blossom, with some vibrant blood orange with spices running through the acidity. Ethiopian Natural processing has really come a long way.

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Listen to the Audiotrack explaining abit more about this coffee

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About this coffee

  • Altitude: 1800MASL
  • Score: 89
  • COUNTRY: Ethiopia

Gesha Village. The Birthplace of Gesha. Once again we are excited to welcome these coffees into our portfolio. Gesha Village is an excellent project that merges the best of Ethiopian central washing station practices, with expert estate management and traceability.

Gesha Village in 2020 has been busy perfecting traditional coffee processing like Natural, Honey, and Washed. But they have also been playing with Carbonic Fermentation al la Beaujolais. This year we have secured their natural lots, as well as the carbonic macerated lots. We have received a mixture of 1931 Gesha, Gori Gesha and Illubabor Forest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bec M
Chocolate and deep flavours

If you like your coffee with a bit more sweetness and complexity I highly recommend this coffee.
Go on, spoil yourself.

Pleasantly floral

Midnotes of dark chocolate as a base with little acidity. Floral jasmine/bergamot like aroma at the end. Good Ethiopian coffee.

Hung Hong

Gesha Village 2020 Oma Lot 59 Natural

Ryan Horaczko

Intense flavour and so balanced. Love, love, love this!

give them a try..

Loved! Loved! Very sweet, exhilaratingly floral, lavishly complex good as always!
Gesha’s good coffee beans taste good no matter how you brewed.
Will come back to get some more sooner,cheers:)

This coffee is paired well with


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