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Gesha Village 2020 Dimma E-14 Carbonic Maceration
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Gesha Village 2020 Dimma E-14 Carbonic Maceration


Why would you CM a Gesha? Was it grown in Brouilly by Pierre Cotton? Truthfully, experimentation is very important to understanding and manipulating coffee flavour. Illubabor forest as a varietal isn’t as ‘clean’ as Gesha, but through controlled fermentation techniques, we can get flavours that are stronger and more distinct. This one has an intense boozy cherry with a very signature Pet-Nat acidity. It’s very close to a ‘sparkling coffee’

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About this coffee

  • Altitude: 1950MASL
  • Score: 90
  • COUNTRY: Ethiopia

Gesha Village. The Birthplace of Gesha. Once again we are excited to welcome these coffees into our portfolio. Gesha Village is an excellent project that merges the best of Ethiopian central washing station practices, with expert estate management and traceability.

Gesha Village in 2020 has been busy perfecting traditional coffee processing like Natural, Honey, and Washed. But they have also been playing with Carbonic Fermentation al la Beaujolais. This year we have secured their natural lots, as well as the carbonic macerated lots. We have received a mixture of 1931 Gesha, Gori Gesha and Illubabor Forest.

-Gori Gesha is the Gesha varietal found in Gesha Village forests.
-Gesha 1931 Resembles the ‘original’ Gesha found in Panama, selected based on cherry growth as well as bean size and shape
-Illubabor Forest is a disease resistant variety found in the namesake forest

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Releasing 4/8/2020 9:30AM