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Equation represents top—of—the—line coffee production projects, while also evaluating great coffees, and categorizing their profiles into fragments of flavors. Huila is bordered by the Eastern and Central mountain ranges that run , through Colombia. Boasting the country’s second—highest peak, the Nevado ‘al del Huila volcano, the region has rich soil and is a comfortable 65°F all year perfect conditions for growing coffee. Huila is dominated by small producers: the average farm size is just 1.5 hectares.

Process Anaerobic Processing
Edition: Equation Special Selection
Region: Huila
Altitude 1,700
Varietal: Gesha


Processing: Anaerobic Process
Altitude: 1700
Cupping Score:

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Additional Information

200g, 1kg

Coffee Style

Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Filter Roast, Whole Bean

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