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This gold medal blend is a head slapping selection of only the highest quality in season coffees ! these have been chosen off the cupping table each week! Our Roaster meticulously blind cup’s all of our micro lots together then individually roasts the coffees to bring out the unique flavors from each coffee origin. This blend is a mix of coffees that gives body and spice paired with the beautiful natural Guji that just jumps out of the cup with strawberries, Its stimulating & different! Our aim is each week to make the blend more complex, lively & exciting! Enjoy !

Ethiopia: 30% NATURAL
Burundi: 40% WASHED
Colombia: 30% HONEY


Cupping Score:

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What is washed Process Coffee?
What is Natural Process Coffee?
Why does Growing Altitude Matter?

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250g, 500g, 1kg, 250g Fortnightly Subscription

Coffee Style

Whole Bean, Filter Roast, Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Pour Over Ground

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