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Pairing Coffee and Natural Wine

Here at Cartel, we like to deal in drinks that make you feel good. Coffee gives you energy for the day, wine gives you the confidence to deal with the day. When pairing coffee and wine though, we like to note a few things. 1. Always drink coffee firstCoffee has more complex sugars than wine. […]

Amazing Natural Wine in Jura

We are so proud to be able to present the natural wines we offer, next to these amazing coffees and teas. The parallels of the growing and farming, as well as the care required to create a great drink is a result of managing so many natural variables. In this blog we’ll talk about wine […]

What is Natural Wine? and How is it similar to Coffee

My shortest answer for this is…well, there’s really no such thing. There is no one rating system or organisation for Natural wine. It is more of a self policing movement, or rather decision by a winemaker to make wine with as little change as possible. For us as a company, Natural wine is simply wine, […]

Why pay the price for specialty coffee v’s commercial Coffee

Understand why we have a pricing system – Cartel Coffee Roasters Australia  Thank you for your interest in our coffees. As we continue to source coffee from around the world and do our continued best to ensure that all our coffees are sourced from reputable producers and have the following attributes lovely & clean, incredible […]

Tea cupping with Nathan James Johnston

Why do people cup ( cupping ) taste or evaluate anything? Well one only truly understands quality until one gets to experience what quality is. What i mean by this is that to understand what is the most floral,brisk or complex Tea or Coffee is one needs to analyze this next to simulour types of […]

What is washed coffee processing?

Washing coffee cherries results in a clean flavour profile in the coffee and represents an ideal processing method for those who prefer a brew that is both mild and bright. This processing method cuts and washes off the cherry from the coffee bean and also removes as much mucilage as possible. It is well-known for […]

What is natural process coffees?

Although both washed and semi-washed processes are used today, originally coffee was processed with a different approach in mind; one that didn’t require the use of machinery that was only just produced in the last couple of centuries. Thus, the dry process came about after the discovery of coffee originally in Ethiopia, and has been […]


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