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Testalonga Chenin Blanc Keep on Punching South African Natural Wine

Testalonga: Keep on Punching 2019


A crispy zippy Chenin Blanc. Not too much funny business, just fresh well farmed Natural Wines, from an organic farm in South Africa.

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Craig Hawkins is the South African Rebel of Wine. Like everything in South Africa, the wine industry has changed loads after Apartheid, and has yet to realise its full potential. During Apartheid, there was one central wine authority, Koöperatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Zuid-Afrika Bpkt (KWV). Think of it like an AOC or GI on crack. They controlled almost all aspects of production and export, until the end of Apartheid when the KWV was privatised allowing winemakers more breathing room and control of their Vineyards.

Cue Craig; unlike other Natural Wine Producers, he consistently confounds South African authorities to the point of even occasionally being denied export licenses. His wines have great length and acidity. Like all Great Natural Wines, no Sulphur, no Additives, and Indigenous Yeasts.