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A stunning exotic varietal that cups extremely sweet typical big body with complex sugars and loads of dark chocolate & spice.

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Listen to the Audiotrack explaining abit more about this coffee

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About this coffee

Panguyuban Sunda Hejo is a premium mark from the Klasik Beans Cooperative. This cooperative is located in West Java and has over a thousand members. The cooperative promotes it members to grow coffee in sustainably with minimal inputs. The Cooperative assisted with seedlings, agronomy assistance and technical training.

For this coffee the cherrys brought to the washing station were sorted to only select the fruit at peak ripeness. The pulp is removed from the cherry leaving the sugary, starching mucilage in contact with the bean. The bean is then allowed to dry on raised beds in drying tunnels. Next the coffee is moved to the wet mill’s warehouse where soft, soothing music is played to help the beans rest. (check out the video). After the coffee has been allowed to rest it is sent to the dry mill in Bandung. At the dry mill the parchment is removed and then the coffee is sorted by hand to remove defects.

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