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A stunning experiment coffee using fresh PawPaw fruit and Rose that cups with elegance and bright acidity extremely sweet & super clean.

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About this coffee


The world of experimental coffee is upon us! We are proud to be working with the team from Riverdale Estate India on this project, this was an opportunity that worked hand in hand with each others philosophy of creating excellence in coffee production and is also to ensure that the coffee we produced is one of the best in the country.

This coffee was picked carefully starting early morning by seasoned professional hand pickers the idea for this micro-lot came about as an experiment starting at 1650 masl selective picking was active all day until the the evening where coffee was sorted visually for defects. The coffee then goes into the flotation tanks and is filled three separate times for one hour to remove the floaters ( insect damage, dead & singular beans ) once they have been removed the full cherry coffee undergoes our experimental processing.

The full cherry is separated into specific lots and an application of carefully selected Rose yeast from the french Loire Valley is added to the holding chambers letting the temperature fluctuate for just the right amount of time. After the coffee has settled it is then washed and cleaned again in spring water and dried on raised beds at no more than 1 inch for a further 25 days 10 in sun and 15 in shade. The outcome is quite surprising and you can now try and enjoy at Cartel and with our legendary wholesale customers.

The farm is located in the lovely Shevaroys Hills (Yercaud) in southern India, The estate has a abundance of natural spring water streaming from the earth which flows throughout the year making it a very interesting place to cultivate coffee plants and other intercrops like silver oak, jack fruit orange, avocado and pepper.

The plantation sits at an altitude of 1450 meter and reaches a height of over 1700 masl which is where all of our coffees and exclusively picked for our experiments conducted at the farm which include Natural process, Honey process and fully washed Kenyan style processing. We have also managed to conduct three years of ongoing experimental processing using yeasts combined with fruits.

The common varietal grown is Selection 9 and S5b variety of Arabica they have also planted several test exotic varietals of gesha and yellow bourbon.

All the Coffee is grown under tall trees Shade that helps to retain moisture level and biodiversity within the plantation. We believe in sustainable farming which improves the soil quality, & in turn gives us the consistent coffee beans year after year which we only improve through consistent monitoring of daily occurrences through the carful processing months like weather, water conditions , fermentation temperatures and separation of micro-lots and drying times.

Enjoy these lots I believe they are continuing to push the boundaries of quality in India and am proud to be apart of the team.

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