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This coffee is grown by Jairo Arcila (our father), Jairo has been working in the Colombian coffee industry for 39 years. After planting traditional varietals for 20 years he was convinced by his friend to plant Gesha.To produce this Gesha microlot, several Gesha pickings were purchased by Cofinet and transported to Finca La Pradera.This pickings were performed following a strict ripe criteria.After transported to La Pradera (Cofinet headquarters and processing station),  cherries are floated in order to even out temperature of all cherries, clean impurities and remove cherries with lower density.After floated cherries were re-handsorted in order to ensure only the best cherries were used.

Later cherries were exposed to a dry fermentation of 14 hours, and later dried on raised beds to 10% moisture content.When dried, this lot was stored in grainpro bags for 2.5 months, later milled hand sorted and vacuum packed.



Country: Finca: Castellon Location: Circasia, Quindío.
Processing: NATURAL
Altitude: Altitud: 1700-1800 MASL
Cupping Score: 90

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200g, 500g, 1kg

Coffee Style

Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Filter Roast, Pour Over Ground, Whole Bean

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