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ORIGIN Pijao, Quindío, Colombia HEIGHT 1600 – 1650 MASL VARIETAL Java PROCESS Natural PRODUCER Jairo Ivan Lopez

Another exciting exotic varietal from cofinet, we cupped this coffee along with some other interesting coffees from around the globe on our monthly global exotic cupping quest where each of us in specific departments sample roast and present there offerings for purchasing. This is one of the standouts from over 25 stunning coffees its a 100% Java microlot is grown by Jairo Ivan Lopez of Finca El Roble, situated in the Colombian highlands in Pijao, Quindío.

Only the ripest cherries are hand picked then carted down the mountain to La Pradera Wash Station where they are Naturally processed under the guidance of Felipe Arcila. Felipe, Ana and Cristobal first float and hand sort the cherries before carefully laying them to dry on the patios. They are then moved to raised African beds which allow for greater air flow and even drying to finish leaving such a stunning fruity yet super clean cup. This Natural process method allows for a stunning dried in its skin fruit profile, we are clearly finding purple fruit, blackberry, strawberry with dried fig with an intense finish of golden raisons. We look forward to stocking this coffee for years to come as we know you will love it.


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250g, 500g, 1kg

Coffee Style

Whole Bean, Filter Roast, Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Pour Over Ground