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Chuko Lemela
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Chuko Lemela


Super Floral, White Peach, Pear and Chocolate

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About this coffee

  • Altitude: 1800MASL
  • Score: 88
  • COUNTRY: Ethiopia

Sidamo was Ethiopia’s southernmost province until 1995 when a reorganisation of Ethiopia’s provinces. The Coffee Region Sidamo Covers the Sidama Provence, as well as the Southern Nation, Nationalities & People’s Region. The region produces almost 30% of Ethiopia’s total output making it one of the most coffee farm intensive regions in Africa. The region puts out around 60% Natural Coffees, and 40% Washed. It’s got very good access to fresh water, and irrigation systems, making coffee a popular product for a region that is largely reliant on subsistence coffees. Sidama farmers have largely bounced back after the 2018-2019 Coffee price crash, partially due to Ethiopia regulating its own coffee price, but as well as changing their laws to allow farmers to sell directly to roasters, encouraging higher quality coffee, experimentation and allowing farmers and regions to carve more unique identities.


Ethiopia in 2019/2020 Produced 7.35 Million Bags of coffee with 4 Million of that going to Export. It is the largest exporter of Coffee in Africa, an the 10th largest coffee producer in the world. Germany Takes the largest volume of Ethiopian coffee at 22% with Australia importing 2% of Ethiopia’s export output.

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