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The Cartel is dedicated to providing Australians with the wildest, most unique, rare & coolest specialty grade coffees and teas available on this planet

With the help of specialty coffee brokers & the farmers themselves we strive to make the coffee you buy as transparent as possible. These coffees are recently harvested and in season, often handpicked, meticulously prepared, and all are of the very highest grade! (Most come in vacuum-sealed bags). What we get in the cup is the ultimate flavour; this is what specialty coffees are famous for. You can be sure our coffee offerings are truly remarkable, each smooth with definite flavour profiles that allow you to experience coffee from its origin. This is the way coffee should be!

Cartel Coffee Roasters support the producers, exporters, roasters and baristas who take personal care, and invest time, energy and dedication into making sure each & every cup is the best it can be. At Cartel we ensure a quality coffee & tea experience every time. Let us awaken your palate every day with a mind-blowing experience from the different coffee origins around the world.

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