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Typica, Bourbon – Rosario Gomez Montenegro – PERU
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Typica, Bourbon – Rosario Gomez Montenegro – PERU
TASTING NOTES: Floral Red dried Fruit Blackberry Molasses Honey and Choc finish. 

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About this coffee

TASTING NOTES: Floral Red dried Fruit Blackberry Molasses Honey and Choc finish. 

Peru Amazonas Rosario Gomez Montenegro

Some information about the coffee from Redfox Coffee Merchants

The Alto Mayo protected forest spans the border between the San Martin and Amazonas departments of Northern Peru. It is home to a large cross-section of native Peruvian wildlife and some of the county’s last undiscovered coffee. We were initially introduced to the area as part of the Alto Mayo Conservation Initiative funded by Conservation International in an attempt to save the native coffee production. COOPBAM, established in 2014, stands for Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Bosque del Alto Mayo. The Alto Mayo Conservation Initiative helped to create the cooperative. Today, COOPBAM has over 203 members. This cooperative focuses of battling deforestation and protection of this native forest. The project targets coffee producers in the protected area to raise awareness and help them move towards a more environmentally sustainable future. Creating an organic and fairtrade certified coop has allowed for new job opportunities, not only in coffee but in deforestation programs. They have helped improve access to education and healthcare. Within the coop, there are four committees who are dedicated to women’s rights.

Rosario Gomez Montenegro has been around coffee cultivation her entire life. Although her parents did not grow coffee, it was a common source of income for her neighbors. In Beirut, the town where Rosario grew up, the community would unite and help each other with harvesting cherry every year. At the age of 42, Rosario began cultivating coffee on her own 22 hectare farm focusing on quality from the start. Passionate about agriculture and improving her crop, she has been working on replacing old, under-performing trees with viable Yellow Caturra and Typica trees. She has constructed a water filtration system that includes three different stages of filtration. The last stage allows for water to be repurposed safely. Fermentation time is highly dependant upon the weather. Rosario has a separate fermentation time for each coffee variety.

In Bongará, the harvest season begins in July and ends in October. The bio-diverse clay textured soil bears fruit of Typica, Bourbon, Caturra and a small amount of Catimor. The soil is replenished with Bokashi style fertilizer and prepared with food waste, coffee pulp, sugarcane stalks, microorganisms from fertile soils, and guano from the islands. The average age of the trees is 5 years old. After depulping, cherry is transferred into wooden basins to ferment on the same day. Once fermentation is completed, parchment is washed with clean water, then placed onto raised beds under a roofed structure with transparent sheeting. Moisture content and water activity are constantly monitored and dried to 10.5%-11% and 0.56 aW.

Red Fox
Coffee Merchants

Origin Peru

Department Amazonas

Province Bongará

District Corosha – Beirut

Village Corosha – Beirut

Farm Name Señor de Los Milagros Cooperative Coopbam

Altitude 1980 masl

Variety Typica, Bourbon, Caturra & Catimor

Farm Size 22 hectares
.75 hectares cultivation zone

Process Washed

Fermentation 16-38 hours wet

Drying 12 – 22 days

Certification FTO

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