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Si Vintners 2019 Chinchele

Si Vintners 2019 Chinchele


Semillon planted in 1979 on a south facing gravely site. Time whole bunches followed by fermentation in concrete eggs where it remains for 2 years under flor.

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Si Vintners is all about Natural Farming. Sarah Morris and Iwo Jakimowicz are pushing the boundaries of Margaret River Farming and Growing. Many of their releases are done on different soil plots to give the best expression of Terrior.

The Margaret River is a Wine Geographical Indication zone (GI, Christ we need a better word for this) with a Mediterranean Climate. Very low lying and highly influenced by the sea breeze, with the earliest wines being planted there in the 1830s. Soils vary in the region, while usually on a bed of Sandy Loams, or Gravel.
Margaret River much like a lot of Australia attracts both wine enthusiasts and Surfers