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Quealy Secco Splendido Methode Ancestrale
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Quealy Secco Splendido Methode Ancestrale

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Quealy are mainstays in the Victorian and Australian Wine industry. They are the original importers of Pinot Grigio into Australia. They are at the forefront of natural wine in Mornington Peninsula (Bittern-Dormana) with experimental Amphora wine, and their amazing Pinot and Field Blends.

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Varietal: Muscato Bianco
Winemakers: Kevin McCarthy & Cathleen Quealy
Region: Bittern Dormana, Mornington (South-East Victoria)
Grower: Joe Vaughn 100 Hunts Vineyard
Soil: Duplex Clay with Sedimentary Crust
Elevation: 103 MASL
Style: Methode Ancestrale
Tastes: Dry and Vibrant with Citrus and a almond biscuit like body.

Mornington Peninsula is a cool climate wine Region about 1 hour South West of Melbourne. The region has a variety of sub-regions and soils. From Volcanic, to Sand & Brown Allivial. While largely known for Pinot (All of them, Noir, Grigio, Gris, Munier etc…) Notable producers in the Region include Quealy, Kerri Greens and Avani (Amrit). Quealy have extra history as the first planters of Pinot Grigio in Australia, and combine an excellent range off natural and commercial techniques to create some of the region’s most interesting wines.