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Quealy Rageous Aromatic Red Blend

Quealy Rageous 2016 (Red Blend)


A natural blend of acidic, strident Sangiovese as back bone; muscular earth bound Shiraz embraces the delicate pom pom of high altitude Pinot Noir. They all lie together as must for a month, then into barrel for two years to meld and concentrate. Magnifico!

LOOKS LIKE… Garnet and ruby reds
SMELLS LIKE… Cherry ripe, black olive & pepper spice

Quealy are mainstays in the Victorian and Australian Wine industry. They are the original importers of Pinot Grigio into Australia. They are at the forefront of natural wine in Mornington Peninsula (Bittern-Dormana) with experimental Amphora wine, and their amazing Pinot and Field Blends.

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Mornington Peninsula is a cool climate wine Region about 1 hour South West of Melbourne. The region has a variety of sub-regions and soils. From Volcanic, to Sand & Brown Allivial. While largely known for Pinot (All of them, Noir, Grigio, Gris, Munier etc…) Notable producers in the Region include Quealy, Kerri Greens and Avani (Amrit). Quealy have extra history as the first planters of Pinot Grigio in Australia, and combine an excellent range off natural and commercial techniques to create some of the region’s most interesting wines.

Pinot Noir, Shiraz & Sangiovese were destemmed and fermented together on the 15th & 16th March 2016. The Pinot Noir from the cool Musk Creek Vineyard is chosen because of its perfume and voluptuous palate. The Shiraz is off 100 Hunts in Merricks North and the stellar Sangiovese is a portion of Panton Vineyard, Shoreham. There is a tipping point with tannin – if the ferment is low in tannin then the tannin will “drop out” over the following few weeks or months. We experience this problem with ultra-cool climate Pinot Noir. This type of co-fermentation stabilizes the Pinot Noir tannin by naturally attaching to the more stable tannins of Sangiovese and Shiraz. We think this is the essential role of this co fermentation. Post barrel blending would not produce the same array of luscious tannin as this co ferment blend. Panton Sangiovese provides the acid and the astringency and the Shiraz has the spice and the deeper burly tannins. Time on skins was 33 days, by which time the fruit cap had sunk and the free run could be easily separated from the skins without pressing. The wine was transferred to 500 litre French Oak barrels for 21 months of integration and maturation.

Bottled 21st December 2017, 355 dozen in total.
A blend of vineyards; Panton (Shoreham) Sangiovese, 100 Hunts (Merricks North) Shiraz and Musk Creek (Red Hill) Pinot Noir

First vintage 2006

Rageous began as an alternative application for regional hero Pinot Noir, inspired by the illustrious Super Tuscan blends of Bolgheri and has matured into one of our most cherished wines; an encapsulation of contrast and cohesion. Half and half donkey and horse, in no way a hybrid but a spirited beast that cares naught for public opinion. Rageous is a mule who lived in our paddock with his friend Memphis.

Panton Vineyard is the successful pioneer of Sangiovese; the warmth of this Shoreham vineyard with rich volcanic soil and meticulously management make each of her big lumpy bunches, graceful and ripe. Every Autumn the five rows of Sangiovese are travelled with secateurs in hand to snip off green or crushed berries so only perfect bunches reach the winery. 100 Hunts at Merricks North is a 30-year-old vineyard located on the edge of the Moorooduc Plains. It’s a warm site, the vines are managed with great insight by their owners Joe & Amanda Vaughan. The yields are restricted to bring the harvest date forward. Musk Creek Pinot Noir is a very cool however North facing site; the grapes are intensely aromatic, rather than deep or tannic thus perfect component for Rageous.