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Quealy Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir

Quealy Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir


A big sweet Pinot Noir, generous middle palate and excellent length. Aromatics of cherry, rhubarb and purple flowers; the palate walks the fine line between red and dark fruits, silky tannin, slippery mouthfeel. A blend across vineyards creates a broader nose and a soft fuller palate.

LOOKS LIKE… Bright wine red
SMELLS LIKE… Cherry, rhubarb and purple flowers
CELLAR UNTIL… Ready to drink now until 2023

Quealy are mainstays in the Victorian and Australian Wine industry. They are the original importers of Pinot Grigio into Australia. They are at the forefront of natural wine in Mornington Peninsula (Bittern-Dormana) with experimental Amphora wine, and their amazing Pinot and Field Blends.

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It’s a blend of the four vineyards that They manage on the Mornington Peninsula from 30 metres elevation with Campbell & Christine to the late ripening Musk Creek Vineyard at 210 metres. It’s a mixture of clones, and canopy technique. What binds Quealy’s viticulture is a focus always on introducing sunshine, encouraging root development, and keeping the canopy small and energetic. A small canopy with a large root system intuitively nurtures natural acidity that is essential for wine health, and is so beautiful to taste. The tannins of the wine are sweet once again because of the sunshine and canopy shape. Because ripening Pinot Noir in our region is marginal, it is the variety where harmony from vineyard to winery is most evident.