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Turbul Friulano Quealy Wine Cartel Roasters
Quealy Turbul Friulano
Turbul Friulano Quealy Wine Cartel Roasters

Quealy Turbul Friulano


Modern natural wine of extended fermentation on skins, then into barrel and amphora to mature. Sleek & creamy, succulent, the natural phenolic and acid roll in the mouth together with the smells and taste of almonds, honey, cardamom, parsley root, lemon rind.

LOOKS LIKE… Dark gold, slight pearl sheen, slow moving heavy liquid
SMELLS LIKE… Diaphanous aromas of angelica blossom, honey, parsley root and lemon rind
CELLAR UNTIL… Ages for 5 – 10 years

Quealy are mainstays in the Victorian and Australian Wine industry. They are the original importers of Pinot Grigio into Australia. They are at the forefront of natural wine in Mornington Peninsula (Bittern-Dormana) with experimental Amphora wine, and their amazing Pinot and Field Blends.

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Mornington Peninsula is a cool climate wine Region about 1 hour South West of Melbourne. The region has a variety of sub-regions and soils. From Volcanic, to Sand & Brown Allivial. While largely known for Pinot (All of them, Noir, Grigio, Gris, Munier etc…) Notable producers in the Region include Quealy, Kerri Greens and Avani (Amrit). Quealy have extra history as the first planters of Pinot Grigio in Australia, and combine an excellent range off natural and commercial techniques to create some of the region’s most interesting wines.

Quealy’s Friulano cuttings came from the vineyard of Denis Pasut in Mildura. His planting material was the original Allan Antcliff collection at Merebin which famously was removed for a parking lot. Denis knew the variety from his Slovenia homeland and planted a few rows. At the time of us meeting Denis, we knew of no other Friulano, and interestingly new clones are yet to be imported into Australia. Kevin Mc learnt about Friulano from his travels and vintages in Friuli and the reverence local winemakers attend this variety. Friulano produces a big bunch of big berries with a thick, waxy skin. This attribute requires strategic bud selection, shoot selection in Spring and Summer as well as careful fruit selection of wholesome berries and bunches at harvest. Friulano ripens late in Autumn, and as the leaves fall away, the fruit is entirely exposed to the cool sunshine. The bunches, ever so slightly, dehydrate, becoming lighter and looser as they hang, darkening to a copper gold, becoming perfect for skin contact wine.


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