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Quealy Campbell and Christine 2016 Pinot Noir

Quealy Campbell and Christine 2016 Pinot Noir


Varietal: Pinot Bloody Noir
Winemakers: Kevin McCarthy & Cathleen Quealy
Region: Bittern Dormana, Mornington (South-East Victoria)
Grower: Campbell and Christine Penfold
Soil: alluvial clay and the red soils
Tastes: Has a dark black crimson colour, bright and translucent. The aroma is violets and plums, the palate rich and tannic however there is a deep and soft core.

Quealy are mainstays in the Victorian and Australian Wine industry. They are the original importers of Pinot Grigio into Australia. They are at the forefront of natural wine in Mornington Peninsula (Bittern-Dormana) with experimental Amphora wine, and their amazing Pinot and Field Blends.

This is an Elegant Pinot, worthy of its terrior. It is very light on the palate with soft red fruits like fairy floss, pepper and floral. It’s a great summer or winter red as it’s light as to not fill you up, but warming enough that you can enjoy in winter with some lighter meat, like Lamb, veal, or a steak with pepper sauce. To give this it’s Coffee and Wine Pairing, I’d recommend a more spicy coffee, the India Papaya Ferment SL9 gives a mix of lightness in body, with an elegant ferment that accentuates different notes.

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Mornington Peninsula is a cool climate wine Region about 1 hour South West of Melbourne. The region has a variety of sub-regions and soils. From Volcanic, to Sand & Brown Allivial. While largely known for Pinot (All of them, Noir, Grigio, Gris, Munier etc…) Notable producers in the Region include Quealy, Kerri Greens and Avani (Amrit). Quealy have extra history as the first planters of Pinot Grigio in Australia, and combine an excellent range off natural and commercial techniques to create some of the region’s most interesting wines.


Harvest was across three days from the 12 – 15th March 2017. The crops were less than 2 tons to the acre, and the concentration is evident in the wine. Total time on skins was, at most, 16 days, as we aimed to keep wine Ph low. Only the wine that ran freely from the fermentation vats was reserved for the single vineyard blend. This selection favours acidity, brighter fruit and sweeter, more humorous tannins. The pressed wine was evaluated as too sombre, heavy and low in acidity for the premium selection. The wine was immediately transferred to very fine oak, a mixture of new and young. The late primary sulphur addition in September 29th encouraged the bright colour, floral notes. The wine was bottled without filtration on 17th May 2018.

This Pinot Noir vineyard was established by Doctors Campbell and Christine Penfold in 1994. In the 90s, new premium clones became available – slightly bigger, looser bunches that controlled vine vigour and ripened to effusive dark crimsons, indicating a great volume of tannin. The greatness of their vineyard stems from the clonal selection of MV6, 114 and 115 with the confluence of shallow, clay-rich soils in the warmer sub region of Balnarring. Campbell & Christine Penfold’s vineyard is located on the coastal plain, 30 metres elevation behind Balnarring Village. The vineyard maturity is evident in the profound flavour of the wine. The soil is duplex; the top soil is a mixture of alluvial clay and the red soils washed down from the Red Hill above. This upper zone is quite shallow; underneath is a less permeable clay now broached by the roots of the mature vines. Irrigation is no longer or rarely necessary. The vines are pruned to a single arch, minimizing vigour, reducing canopy size and forcing the grapes to ripen. The style of wine is very concentrated, masculine and satisfying for a Pinot Noir drinker.