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Last of the Tony Bornards

Philippe Bornard: En Go-Guette


The Bornard En Go-guette is a lovely white sparkling wine made in the Petillant Naturel style is made from the Chardonnay grape. The wine completes its fermentation in the bottle and no sugar is added. Nor is it disgorged so you will find some residual yeast remaining in the bottle. It is very low in alcohol at around 10%.

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Pet Nat: Orange Chardonnay

One of the final wines made by a master (You’ll get to taste this one before our Somm does)

This is also one of the last wines under the Bornard Label made by Philippe, he is now passing the reigns to his son Tony.

The Jura wine Region sits on the French Border with Switzerland and is basically that most idillic French Village that we’d all likely retire to if we didn’t watch Escape to the Chateau.

Known for producing Savagnin, Jura’s wines are oxidative, Fresh, and quite unique as French stylings go. Their whites are more vibrant, and their reds are generally lighter, Pinot Noir, Poulsard, Trousseau for example.

Jura shares a similar climate to the Yarra Valley, but with vastly different limestone soils (as opposed to our local Loams) yielding a more Mineral focused wine.

There are 6 Different Appelations within Jura,

Cotes Du Jura
Arbois (Don’t make the same mistake I make, its Arr Bwaah)
Cremant Du Jura: For Sparkling
Macvin du Jura: Mostly for late harvest sweet wine.

In addition to Wine, Jura is a popular Skiing destination.