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Tasting Notes: Dark Berry Notes, Dried Red Currants, Rich Sticky Honey And Creamy Milk Chocolate Body

Finding success with high quality coffee production comes with time, dedication, and education. Pedro and his wife have great aspirations and because they have followed them it has opened up new opportunities for their family. In Jaen, being able to send their three children to school is a privilege. Also, Pedro plans to throw his hat in the ring at the Cup of Excellence competition later this year. Pedro and his family began cultivating coffee of their farm in 2013. That makes the average age of the coffee trees only six years old. To protect their new crop from coffee diseases such as coffee leaf rust, Aroma del Valle has provided resources for disease resistant coffee varieties and soil management practices. During the fruiting season it is often difficult to find workers who are willing to harvest coffee cherry, which is the most back-breaking and laborious part of being a coffee farmer.

Producer Pedro Condeso
Origin Peru
Department Cajamarca
Province San Ignacio District Tabaconas

Farm Name Los Cedros
Altitude 1920 masl
Variety Caturra, Bourbon Typica & Catimor
Process Washed

Fermentation 36 hours wet Drying 20 days on raised beds under parabolic cover
Harvest Period July-November
Certification FTO


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Coffee Size

1kg, 250g

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