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Oh La La Noir

Oh La La Noir


Good Intentions Mount Gambier. 100% Pinot, Dry, Crispy, Red Fruit

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Ye Olde’ party pinot! In 2019, fruit from our other Pinot site, with D5V12 clone pinot noir. Still on volcanic soils over shallow limestone this wine is picked and carbonic macerated for its entire fermentation of approx. 3.5 weeks. It is then pressed directly to stainless steel where it is stored.

Fresh, bright and beautiful acidity from the limestone and saline soils; tastes of red frogs (fruity jelly lollies). A slight spritz to the wine makes it great drinking for the backyard, park, at the beach, anywhere in the sun and where you want to party!

Mount Gambier is about equidistant between Melbourne and Adelaide, sitting on a Dormant Volcano. Its soils are a combo of Volcanic and Limestone (Also known as, Australian Coastal). Gambier isn’t a huge region, but those who do grow their grow Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir. Good Intentions has well…Good Intentions with these varietals. An amazing partnership of the husband and Wife team of a farmer and a Musician. Their wines are super vibrant in both colour and flavour. They truly represent the future of accessible minimal intervention wines.


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