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Latta: 2018 Precarious Bianco (On Skins)


The same experiment as last time

Precarious wine is a continuous fermentation, a rolling ferment that runs all vintage.

A bit like the Master Stock in the winery I guess you could say….

It begins with Sauvignon Blanc & Finishes with Gewürztraminer with Chardonnay, Viognier & Riesling in between. All fermented in Stainless Steel. Its a risky wine to make as it goes on quite the journey… It can look Unbelievably Strange at times in the end leaving it to do its own thing seems to work (6 month primary ferment handled oxidatively)

The Quality of the vineyard sources is more at play here than the winemaking, I did a similar experiment with some other sources it didn’t seem to have the same vibe.

Sauvignon Blanc (Moonambel, Quartz Bianco)

Chardonnay (Coghills Creek, Eastern Peake)

Riesling (Dash Farms, Granite)

Viognier (Quartz Hill, Lamplough)

Gewürztraminer (Coghills Creek, Eastern Peake)

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Not much to be Said about Owen Latta that he can’t say himself.

Having been given the opportunity to meet him several times though, I’d have to say he is very down to earth, knowledgeable, and passionate about Wine, Australia and Ballarat. His wines show a great range from wild and funky to structured and restrained. Furthermore, he’s one of the leaders in getting Ballarat and the Central Victorian area onto the map.


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