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Latta: 2016 Reflections

Latta: 2016 Reflections


Wild and funky. One of those controversial wines that you might argue about depending on where you fall on acidity and sourness. Loads of fruit, vibrant acid, a very reflective wine

Latta is known for pushing the boundaries as well as being a huge advocate for Central Victorian Natural Wine. (There is no GI for this region). What’s more interesting is that a lot of the soils there are actually closer to many of the more mineral based soils of the Loire and Rhone Valleys in France, which produce much more Mineral Based Natural Wines. As such we recommend that you start your morning or Drinking adventure with the Coffee and Wine Pairing I’d definitely go a Kenyan perhaps the Rianjagi AA. Differentiated like Latta by being from the Embu district as opposed to many Speciality Kenyans which are from the Nyeri district. This one has more chocolate supporting the base of the coffee, with a citrus fruit and malty finish, very similar to a sour lager or indeed, an Orange Wine.

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Not much to be Said about Owen Latta that he can’t say himself.

Having been given the opportunity to meet him several times though, I’d have to say he is very down to earth, knowledgeable, and passionate about Wine, Australia and Ballarat. His wines show a great range from wild and funky to structured and restrained. Furthermore, he’s one of the leaders in getting Ballarat and the Central Victorian area onto the map.


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