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Kenya Jamii Njemu Estate SL-28/Ruiru 11 – Natural Coffee – Kirinyaga Mt. Kenya
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Kenya Jamii Njemu Estate SL-28/Ruiru 11 – Natural Coffee – Kirinyaga Mt. Kenya


Have you ever had a natural processed Kenyan Coffee? They are becoming more common, but still rather rare, as Kenya is known for its 72 hour washed process. This is a very cool project from Jamii Coffee Who’s ethos is “If we can’t touch the farmer, we won’t touch the coffee. It’s part of a new wave of traceability to coffee not only in Kenya, but across many African Coffee Producing countries. What does it taste like though? Dates, Fruitcake, Red Wine We have always been passionate about Natural coffees. While all coffees have intent and quality in mind, the obvious diversity of natural flavours has always been a major draw to us. We find flavour to be the best communicator of the work that farmers put into coffee.  

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About this coffee

  • Altitude: 1650
  • Farmer: Njemu Estate
  • Score: 88
  • COUNTRY: Kenya

Njemu Farm was established in 1998 by Simon Nyaga and his wife Irene Nyaga with a vision to change
the way individual medium-scale coffee farming was viewed and practiced in Kenya. The couple knew
that proper farm management and quality management would change the perception. They named
their farm after their sons Njeru and Muchiri. The farm is located at the slopes of Mt. Kenya, in Kirinyaga
county of Kenya. Simon is the estate director and passionate about agriculture. At an early age in the
1960’s, he would accompany his father to the farm and in the 1980’s he was handed over the family
coffee farm to help in its management. He succeeded in this role and ensured all his siblings attained
college education. His passion also saw him pursue a diploma in Agriculture Economics and later attain a
certificate in Plantation Management. Irene is the co-director and over the years she’s been in charge of
human resources and has been vital in supporting the farm’s development. She has overseen the farm’s
expansion from originally 2,500 coffee trees to the current 8,000 coffee trees. Together, Simon and
Irene have established Njemu Estate as a leading producer of high quality specialty coffee in Kenya.

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