About this coffee

This lovely coffee we are proud to roast all the way from Kenya Ngunguru its a PB & fully Washed on our offering list from September 2018 available for filter and espresso.

Ngunguru is located in the rich agricultural zone of Nyeri; widely reputed as the best producing region for quality coffees in Kenya. Formerly part of the South Kirimukuyu Farmer Co-op, Ngunguru became a part of the Tekangu Farmer Co-op in March 2005, of which the famed Tegu and Karogoto factories are also members.

The factory is comprised of 800 producers, a factory manager, office clerk, machine operator and a field supervisory committee, charged with monitoring operations and supervising field agronomic practices to ensure coffee quality and that member farmers are adhering to production regulations. Farms are visited often by the committee in order to receive advice on best agricultural practices.

The factory is currently producing 400,000 kg of cherry every year. The farmers from this region are mostly using Grevillea, macadamia and blue gum trees as shading. The coffees from this factory are fully washed with fresh stream water and sun dried in African Beds, resulting in a floral cup with currants notes and citrus acidity.

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250g, 500g, 1kg

Coffee Style

Whole Bean, Filter Roast, Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Pour Over Ground