Tea drinking culture in Vietnam has been around for more than three thousand years and is older than the country itself. Hence it comes obvious that the tea there is not only a tradition but also an integral part of Vietnamese life. Tea is being drunk every morning, during lunch and on special moments.

Vietnam is mostly associated with a production of green tea, but today we would like to present you an oolong tea from the ancient tea trees. It is believed that they are the oldest tea trees in the world and some of them are even more than 300 years old. The tea trees can measure even tens of meters and have a span of two to three men.

There are a few ancient tea forests in Vietnam and they grow on the altitude from 800 to 1000 meters above the sea level. Plantations are pesticide and insects free thanks to the unique climate. The most well-known one is Suoi Giang and their Shan Tuyet (“Snow”) tea with appealing nut and vegetal aroma and notes.

Legends say that a group of people after a long and exhausting journey, full of crossing streams and hills, decided to rest in Suoi Giang. After eating the tea leaves from the ancient tea trees, they immediately started to feel cheerful and happy. They decided to settle in this area to preserve and protect the tea trees.

Vietnamese oolong tea started being produced in recent years, and the outcome of it is Imperial Dragon – an oolong tea made from larger tea leaves picked in the mountains from the ancient tea trees of Vietnam.

It is noted for its bright golden liquor and the mellow, soft, sweet flavour with notes of honey.
You will find a natural sweetness and floral finish in the beautiful, delicate cup.


Brewing method:

Leaf: 1 – 2 teaspoons (2.5 – 3 g) per cup
Water: 90 ̊C / 194 ̊F
Time: 2-3 mins
Leaves can be brewed twice

Tea Size

100g, 50g