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Gravner Ribolla 2010 Natural Wine
Gravner: 2010 Ribolla
Gravner Ribolla 2010 Natural Wine

Gravner: 2010 Ribolla


Made from Ribolla grapes which have been cultivated in this area for more than a thousand years. While fermenting in Georgian amphorae buried underground, it underwent a long maceration with wild yeasts and no temperature control. After the drawing off and pressing phases the wine was poured back into amphorae for at least five more months before it started ageing in large oak barrels, where it was left for six years. Wine is bottled without fining or filtration

With a wine of this calibre, it needs to be paired with a Coffee that can Punch up to this level. The Coffee and Wine Pairing we suggest would be Gesha Village Lot 77. The honey process gives birth to many citrus flavours coupled with deep florals.

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Oslavje is obviously well known for the Skin contact Hero Sasa Radikon. The North-Eastern Province of Friuli in Italy is loaded with “Natural” Wine-makers who frankly practice winemaking traditions that are 100s of years old. Especially with Orange wine. My personal take is that wines in this region take Orange wine more seriously than almost anywhere else in the world. It’s not an experimental style or marketing Gimmick, but it’s a style of winemaking that requires the same patience as a good red.

Down the road from Sasa is Josko Gravner, and when I say down the road…Here:

Gravner is a veteran winemaker who uses every Natural Winemaking tool at his Disposal. He tracks his picking by lunar cycles, he grows local varietals that have been grown for 100s of years in North-East Italy and Slovenia.