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Gesha Village 80 Narsha natural
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Gesha Village 80 Narsha natural

Tasting notes: Honeysuckle, sparkling lime citrus, rich dark chocolate, apricots and lingering aftertaste of bergamot.


Listen to the Audiotrack explaining abit more about this coffee

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About this coffee

  • Altitude: 1,963 - 1,977 masl
  • Farmer: Gesha Village
  • COUNTRY: Ethiopia

We welcome you to the Rarities lots from Gesha Village, covering only 10 percent of the farms production, these were selected and cupped in Ethiopia by Nathan and we are so proud to be able to feature these beautiful lots each year since the project begun. Full of incredible unique complex flavours the rarieties are the top coffees Gesha Village produce outside of the auction lots which are frequently chosen by international competing baristas. 

This Gesha 1931 varietal is grown on the Narsha farm area located on Gesha Village which is 5.3 Hectares and sits between a elevation of 1,963 – 1,977 masl. This is the smallest block on the Gesha Village estate which is located in the southern area of the farm and is named after a indigenous tree that is prolific in the area. 

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