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We welcome you to the Rarities lots from Gesha Village, covering only 10 percent of the farms production, these were selected and cupped in Ethiopia by Nathan and we are so proud to be able to feature these beautiful lots each year since the project begun. Full of incredible unique complex flavours the rarieties are the top coffees Gesha Village produce outside of the auction lots which are frequently chosen by international competing baristas. 

This particular lot is a Gori Gesha varietal, located on the farm area called Shewa and covers 48.5 hectares and sits at a elevation between 1973 – 2069 masl. The Shewa farm lot is named after a mountain and neighbourhood adjacent to the farm where many of the farms workers come from. 


Country: Ethiopia
Farmer: Gesha Village
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1973 - 2069 masl
Cupping Score:

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200g, 1kg

Coffee Style

Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Filter Roast, Pour Over Ground, Whole Bean

Block name: Dimma
Hectare: 28.7
Elevation: 1966 – 2019 m
Variety: Illubabor Forest

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Block name: Shewa –Jibabu
Elevation:1973 – 2069 m
Variety:Gori Gesha

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Block name: Surma
Hectare: 45.9
Elevation: 1909 – 2063 m
Variety: Gesha 1931

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Block name: Oma
Hectare: 67.6
Elevation: 1931 – 2040 m
Variety: Gesha 1931

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Block name: Gaylee
Hectare: 34.8
Elevation: 1916 – 1982 m
Variety: Illubabor Forest

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Block name: Narsha
Hectare: 5.3
Elevation: 1963 – 1977m
Variety: Gesha 1931

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Block name: Bangi
Hectare: 54
Elevation: 1911 – 2001 m
Variety: Gori Gesha

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Block name: Shaya
Hectare: 36.5
Elevation: 1926 – 2069 m
Variety: Gori Gesha

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