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Frederick Stevenson 2018 Montepulciano

Frederick Stevenson 2018 Montepulciano


Stewed plum, orange peel, bay leaves, liqourice straps and amaro is pretty predominant on the nose.

Round and plush mouthfeel upfront, with the characters from the nose carrying through to the palate, to fine grained / tightly woven tannin centred in the middle of the tongue. The mulberry like acid lingers on the tongue, with slight flavours of dried garrigue herbs coming through.

Poor limestone soil, +/- 350m above sea level, picked late in April.

This is a bold and Juicy wine. Stevenson prides himself on being able to rejuvenate old vineyards into legendary wines. And while he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he is a very serious producer. To that end, Our Coffee and Wine pairing choice for this wine would be the steller Ronnie Gabriel Natural Parenemia. Gabriel Recovered from an outbreak of Leaf Rust to plant a new award winning Varietal that tastes bold, juicy, fruity and complex. They’re a match made in Heaven.

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Frederick Stevenson is an excellent wine maker and rather a funny dude. He takes his wine seriously, but himself not so much. Producing some of South Australia’s best wines with lesser seen varietals. He is always one to watch out for. Mostly Biodynamic, his wines exhibit both structure as well as ethereal qualities.


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