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Express Wines Blanc

Express Wines Blanc


A little bit of skin, little bit of bunch. Easily gluggable and great for a barbie or party whatever those were**

**Author’s note, this was written during the great Plague of 2020

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Express Winemakers are about producing wines that are uniquely expressive of their origins. They currently lease and manage four small vineyards in the Mount Barker and Porongurup sub-regions of Western Australia’s Great Southern. The cool climate and ancient decomposed granite soils of the Great Southern lends itself to low yielding vines producing high quality fruit, which is necessary to make expressive minimal intervention wines.

Vineyards are farmed without chemicals. We don’t irrigate our vineyards forcing the vines to send roots deep into the sub-soil. Our fruit is all hand harvested and crushed by foot, commonly employing whole bunches including the stalks. Both primary and malo-lactic fermentation occur spontaneously with native yeast and bacteria. Movement of the wine is kept to a minimum and no fining or filtration is used. These guys really make some top quality entry level wines. Great Bargains.


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