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Jura Time

Domaine Rolet L'etoile Chardonnay 2017


Fragrant Jasmine, Vanilla, light oak, Oxidative

Pairs well with fish, both white and washed rind Cheeses. It’s quite a versitile wine that would also pair with sweet and Savoury spreads, keeping it to the more salty end to pair with the sweetness of the wine. With food pairing, white and fuller bodied fish like Salmon, and Tuna would go well, as well as some spicier Mexican Dishes

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These 3 families want to establish the Domain between tradition and modernity, respecting the Jura wines great diversity, that has leaded the Rolet production to a high level of excellence, each and every vintage.
These 3 families are :

– the Devillard family (winemakers in Bourgogne for 5 generations and owners of Château de Chamirey in Mercurey, Domaine des Perdrix in Côte de Nuits, Domaine de la Ferté in Givry and Domaine de la Garenne in Mâconnais)

– the Flambert family : hotels owners for several generations
– the Dupuis family: entrepreneurs family, specialised in martial arts equipment

Producer: Domaine Rolet
Region: L’etoile (Jura)
Soil: Sedimentary with fossil content
Winemaking: In order to preserve the signature fineness of the Etoile Chardonnay, musts are barrel-fermented and mature in these same barrels for 10 to 12 months.

The Jura wine Region sits on the French Border with Switzerland and is basically that most idillic French Village that we’d all likely retire to if we didn’t watch Escape to the Chateau.

Known for producing Savagnin, Jura’s wines are oxidative, Fresh, and quite unique as French stylings go. Their whites are more vibrant, and their reds are generally lighter, Pinot Noir, Poulsard, Trousseau for example.

Jura shares a similar climate to the Yarra Valley, but with vastly different limestone soils (as opposed to our local Loams) yielding a more Mineral focused wine.

There are 6 Different Appelations within Jura,

Cotes Du Jura
Arbois (Don’t make the same mistake I make, its Arr Bwaah)
Cremant Du Jura: For Sparkling
Macvin du Jura: Mostly for late harvest sweet wine.

In addition to Wine, Jura is a popular Skiing destination.

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