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So Fresh, So Clean
Domaine De Rapatel Garde Blanc
So Fresh, So Clean

Domaine De Rapatel Garde Blanc


Harvest in mature, direct pressing, cold settling, fermentation with natural yeasts Ageing 12 months minimum in tank, no sulphur added.

An amazingly glugable white at a great price. Passionfruit, Mango, and a great biting acidity without being punishing or over the top. Its a casual style by an amazing winemaker. Pair with Fish, Seafood, or Quarantine.

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Easy Drinking Fresh French Blender.

Bourboulenc, Chasan, Roussanne

Domaine Rapatel is a result of the efforts of Gérard Eyraud. While he inherited the winery and vines from his Grandfather. Eyraud farms as organically as possible, respecting the biodiversity and ecosystem. Rapatel means “Hot Sun” and the Languedoc winery sits in a warmer Mediterranean zone.

Varietal: Bourboulenc, Chasan, Roussanne
Winemaker: Gérard Eyraud
Region: Languedoc (Catalan)
Grower: Gérard Eyraud
Soil: Clay and Pebbles

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Weight 1185.6 g


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