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Dhiaga 2019 Rosado


This rosé combines the savoury and aromatic deliciousness of Great Western Nebbiolo with a small amount of the sweet red fruited juiciness of Grampians Shiraz. Fermented and matured on lees in old French oak barrels and then allowed to settle and racked as clean as possible before bottling with minimal sulfur and no filtration. This is a bone dry rose with no residual sugar. Bottled on 23rd August 2019, a fruit day with the descending waning gibbous moon moving from Aries into Taurus and with clear skies too- i.e. a perfect time to bottle.

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Dhiaga (Dee-a-ga) means divine, heavenly or god-like in Irish. At Dhiaga we aspire to make wines worthy of the gods by using nature’s gifts and all the magic and mystery we can conjure up. They make their wines to be a little bit special and unique by using thoughtful winemaking technique and only as much intervention as required. We favour natural yeasts, in some wines no sulphur is used and we avoid filtration whenever possible.