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Dhiaga 2015 Nebbiolo

Dhiaga 2015 Nebbiolo


Since 2002, Justin and Joyce have spent many a day monitoring, tending and nurturing the sometimes triffid like nature of Nebbiolo vines in the vineyards of the Adelaide Hills, Barolo and the Pyrenees in Victoria. Nebbiolo is known as the King of Grapes and reining in its noble arrogance has been a passion and obsession for many years leading to the first wine by Dhiaga. Bottled 9th August 2016 – Descending Apogee Waxing (Half) Moon in Libra- Flower Day.

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Dhiaga (Dee-a-ga) means divine, heavenly or god-like in Irish. At Dhiaga we aspire to make wines worthy of the gods by using nature’s gifts and all the magic and mystery we can conjure up. They make their wines to be a little bit special and unique by using thoughtful winemaking technique and only as much intervention as required. We favour natural yeasts, in some wines no sulphur is used and we avoid filtration whenever possible.