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Delinquente Hell Wines: Malvasia


Like a lot of the Delinquente wines, this one is wild and out there. Produced as a Natural wine, with almost no additives, it gives a great example of a native Italian varietal grown out of its element. It has hints of Savoury, then opening up into some acidic fruits. With Coffee and Wine Pairing, we recommend a Washed Peruvian coffee for its similar acidity and Length. of the Edwin Sabillion Washed Paranemia, for its similarity as an out of place native varietal, as well as Length and Complexity.

From the Producer:

“Malvasia Bianco is grown throughout central and Southern Italy – an aromatic, sweet fruited variety that thrives in the heat and produces big bunches with even bigger, juicy berries. A variety perfectly suited to the Riverland. This wine is fermented in three separate components – 1/3 as a direct press juice ferment, 1/3 fermented on skins for 4 nights, then pressed off, and the final 1/3 fermented on skins until sugar dry, about 12 days. Each component is aged separately in old French barriques for 8 months, before being blended together and bottled with nothing added except a touch of SO2.

The result is a layered and very unique wine, with length and drive, funk and clarity. Its super aromatic on the nose, and while initially you get that pop of intense stone fruit sweetness, its balanced out by the savoury, briney, almost saltiness imparted by time on skins. The acid line holds beautifully to cut through all this and provide the length and drinkability required. Allow fish and chips, or spaghetti with swordfish and capers, to find a new friend.”

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Delinquente makes small batch, minimal intervention wines from Southern Italian grape varieties grown in the Riverland, South Australia.

They are and raised in the Riverland, surrounded by vineyards and the Murray River. Delinquente is our attempt at making the best wine we can from the place we grew up. Organically grown, minimal intervention, honest, hand-made wines that not only are great fun to drink, but represent the sun, the red dirt and uniquely Australian terroir of the Riverland.

The Riverland can be very hot and very dry, particularly through the vines growing season. For that reason, we’ve chosen to work with Southern Italian grape varieties – varieties that are suited to the climate, need less water and are naturally drought resistant, are late ripening and retain natural acidity. In this way, they are more environmentally sustainable, and allow us to make wines with lower alcohol levels but heaps of freshness and flavour.

Delinquente is “delinquent” in Italian, which speaks to our desire to always buck the trend, break rules and do things our way.


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