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Sweet Day Pack

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Fewer things are better than pizza and sex. We will try though, a chocolatey concoction of some Peruvian Washed, Some Cab Franc, and a bit of Squid and Tuna to Accompany. With maybe a cold froff as a palate cleanser.

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COFFEE – Washed Peruvian Coffee: Will vary a bit producer to producer, but think dark chocolate, medium body and some lemon zest. Felipe has been producing coffee for the past 12 years in which he had inherited the land from his parents who he owes his motivation to devote his work to the cultivation of coffee, Born in 1988, Lacca Yavero, Cusco. Felipe cultivates on his farm Typica and Bourbon coffee varietals. This particular washed coffee is grown at 1800masl and during the processing method it had 24 hours wet fermintation and 12 days on raised drying beds under parabolic cover. Felipe is highly focused in progressively raising the quality of his cup and aims to produce a award winning coffee.

WINE -Good Intentions Frankie: A Cabernet Franc, loaded with a big body, and notes of fig and subtle earthiness. Good Intentions was started by a musician and a farmer, who’s goal was to create the kinds of wines they love to drink using only the elements given to them. Their wines are vibrant in colour and flavour, and the rockstar style helps best represent their terroir.

BEER – Blackman’s Brewery Cartel Lager: Our collaboration with Blackman’s brewery, not your typical coffee beer. The coffee provides a subtle chocolatey floor for the body of the lager to rest upon. Blackman’s Brewery is located in Torquay Victoria, and they focus on excellent simple beers, made perfectly with the best ingredients, to represent regional Victoria

FOOD -Squid in Ragout
Tuna in Olive Oil Sardines in olive oil, mackerel in broth, and mussels escabeche (or mussels poached in vinaigrette) packed in colorful tins are more than the perfect souvenir from a Portugal vacation. Globally, preserved fish is on the up and up. According to Bloomberg, the market for tinned fish is expected to reach $36.7 billion by 2021. Although seafood conserva is admittedly more popular in Europe and Asia, the United States is slowly catching on to the notion that tuna isn’t the only worthwhile fish in a can, and here, restaurants are leading the way. READMORE


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