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Claus Preisinger: Puszta Libre!

Claus Preisinger: Puszta Libre!


Part of the Cool Kids club in Burgenland with the guys from Gut Oggau, and Christian Tschida. The Puszta Libre is the Coke-Cola of Smashable Austrian Reds. A blend of Zweigelt and St Laurent. This is both easy to drink, and amazingly cool to hold. I know it’s rare to advertise a wine bottle, but think about how cool you’ll look with it in hand. Done with Carbonic Maceration and then finished in 3000L oak, its both a table wine, and a big contemplation of Natural Wine.

If you want to round out a full day with Coffee and Wine, we absolutely recommend grabbing one of the Natural Costa Rican’s for it’s similar clean natural fruits

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Claus Preisinger makes wine tucked away, near Lake Neusidlersee in Burgenland, Austria. Active since the early 2000s, Claus was a beneficiary of the Austrian Government’s programs to re-invigorate its wine Industry after the “Antifreeze Scandal” in 1985. Claus works mostly with Indigenous Austrian varietals, making great approachable wines.