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Aller Troploin Hale Bopp Shiraz 2018

Aller Troploin Hale Bopp Shiraz 2018


A combination of a full skin contact ferment (60%) that was gently plunged several times a day to extract aroma, flavour, colour and complexity and a whole berry ferment (40%) that was gently foot stomped daily for 14 days.

Unfiltered, Unfined and Unholy. This Shiraz is a rich easy drinker with rare qualities that only display when the Hale Bopp Comet returns in around the year 4385 (AKA 2 weeks after we get released from lockdown)

-Author’s note, this joke might age poorly


Six Parallels South Started with one simple philosophy. What if Kosher wine wasn’t all hot garbage? (The author of this statement is happy to show his Jewish credentials)-Lex. Coupled with that, they also recognised the similarities of Kosher principles, and minimal intervention wines. They source fruit from high quality and low yielding vineyards in the Yarra Valley, Bendigo and Heathcote, selected for both their terroir and ability to produce fruit of true varietal expression.

They also have a Sub Label of Unholy (pig) Wine called Aller Troploin. Someone Slipped and unfortunately unholied an entire batch of wine. Unholy however doesn’t mean Not delicious, so they slapped a pig on it, and started getting weird. Hence their funky wines are released under this label.